Helping travellers, tourists and visitors locate important places like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and other important places in a foreign land.


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To become a leading IT company in the world, bringing your customers to your doorstep


* To deliver an accurate and timely service through our mobile platforms.
*To give adequate customers satisfaction via our sectors of operation.
* To make things work

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Timely Service

Do not get stranded

Glifficon integrate is a mobile network company that is focused on helping travellers, tourists and visitors locate important palaces like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and other important palaces in a foreign land. We operating on a mobile platform via Glifficon mobile application. We also help business owners reach their potential customers beyond their home country.

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Meet the CEO

The CEO Glifficon is an entrepreneur with specialty in technopreneurship and social entrepreneurship. He has leadership qualities that can drive a vision to success from the knowledge gathered as a graduate of entrepreneurship from federal University of Technology Akure. He is Adedokun Clement Abolade by name. He is a member of the RICH DAD COMMUNITY and also a member of the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION of the Washington metropolitan discrit. He is the president of ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, an NGO with the vision to instill entrepreneurial knowledge in the heart of students and youths around the world. He is an author and a manager born on the 1st of April.
He is single

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